Chapter 3. Grateful for my business tribute. A hug and thanks for everyone.

Hello everyone, I would like to thank you all on behalf of myself and my wife who have made possible the most emotional tribute of my life. I thank so much for those who came from the nearest neighborhood from Badajoz as those who have traveled from Euskadi, Valladolid, Madrid and numerous towns in Extremadura.

Above all, I appreciate the iniciative of Antonio Macedo, the President of CECAP Extremadura for his dedication and solidarity with me, also for his words and details  that they have given me as a collective to which I have belonged for many years and of course Pilar Coslado for the perfect organization and always closeness. For  these reason I  don’t want to forget  all those who took the floor and embraced me verbally and physically in front of all the attendees. I don´t know exactlly how many people were with me but I think that they were over 60 who appeared and ate with me.

My difficulties in food and speech with the emotions became more bearable and I ate enthusiastically and I started to speak in public to thank everyone for their presence and their patients with my difficulties in speaking.

I want to mention  all those who couldn´t accompany us to such a special day making me feel like in a dream full of joy and happyness and who left me their words of encouragement and solidarity in social networks or private messages.

I would like to tell to those people who came me and those who don´t although I have lost some movility and I have trouble talking I am and I will be the same as always, even If I have to repeat the words do not hesitate to approach me whenever you want.

A hug and thanks to all,


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