Chapter 1: Making a Blog… Someday I will publish it.

I hate to talk about my afflictions but my advisors recommended to me to write and publishing my writings and that´s why I´m thinking about doing a special blog, which will talk about lives of heroes whose lives can improve, can be written about ,experiences and emotions that happen in this period that we have had to live are so unique and  exciting and entertaining, to see If this really relax me.

  <—-ALS exists à There is no doubt about this.

I love to remember a very certain phrase: “If you have over 40 years and you don´t have any pain, that means that you´re dead”. Therefore, when I turned 40 I suffered from some herniated discs which I faced with a lot of positive energy, looking for alternatives which helped me to improve my health condition, without complaining, because I was already 40 and I was aliveand that´s why every single morning I saw everyday as a challenge to confront . the doctors taught me that my body would be the best source of information to reduce the pain  suffered  by people with some herniated discs .Teaching and learning have always been passions in my professional and personal development.

Talking about heroes, saying is more or less easy but doing much more complex .Above all in silence, with perseverance and order. Well, I feel like a hero because the strengths that I have I use every day  to improve my personal development.

Technically I have a degenerative disease of the nervous system that compromises the individual’s ability to move. Initially the disease produces a body weakness progressing to paralysis affecting motor autonomy, oral communication, swallowing and breathing. However, the senses, the intellect, the musculature of the eyes, the heart and the functions of the bladder, the intestines and the sexual muscles remain intact. The ALS attacks the nerve cells responsible for controlling the voluntary muscles (motor neurons or motor neurons). These cells are located in the brain stem and in the spinal cord, and are normally activated when the mind gives the order of movement. The motor neurons do not have the capacity to reproduce again or to repair themselves, in such a way that once they die, there is no way to recover them. So we have to learn to live with the strongest motor neurons and communicate with the world with those that are alive and are really “hard”, moving the muscles that have touched each one.

For this reason, my job is to prevent motor neurons from dying. For this, here are many actions that I have programmed in my agenda that nobody will “certify” that is contributing me, whether is good or bad. Therefore I´m taking the risk with courage and passion and without fear of adventure. It´s like when you start a stage of the Camino de Santiago without knowing the forces, the orography, the climatology are going to be coordinated to achieve the proposed stage and therefore we look inside to see If we can take the next step.

The medical system helps a lot to have information about the state of health, identify and measure the symptoms and see the evolutions by comparative means. Therefore, I´m given to the system to know and access to this information. As I said before, I work in parallel with the help of friends and family who have explored improvements in their health by going to homeopathic or similar techniques. Everyday that passes I observe the stability of my health, I give more value to these techniques although I can´t know what works best, which doctor contributes more, which of the family councils or friends are more efficient. So I have to guide by my instinct, which is basic: I´m going to try it if it´s not incompatible with what Im doing and If It doesn´t have side effects that I can´t live with. Therefore, I´m taking an average of 44 pharmaceutical and homeopathic products or doses or whatever you want to call it. It´s not easy, not at all. But we had to live this episode of life in the era of new technologies to make it possible to carry an app on the mobile phone that helps us to control and track what we have to take at any moment and, above all, if the head fails at some point, the ir the technology that fails the least.

There is no doubt that the biggest affliction to have, the one that costs me most , is the one that was related to my profession: frequent oratory and now I can´t speak fluently withoutsounding really disabled . Obviously, what I´m doing is to try and not feel bad with this deficiency and to work with speech therapy and get down to work continuously in my daily life. I even dare to speak in public in front of my friends and family knowing that I was going to seem like a drunk, with the standing as a teacher. I have overcome, perfectly that impression, in such a way that nowadays it doesn’t´ deter me to speak, although I know that my tone doesn´t sound so good, nor my pronunciation, nor my mixture with emotions or food. It´s also true that in the end, the most of the people with whom I share the dialogue have sympathy with my situation in a commited way and make an effort to understand what I´m saying . It´s like when we travel abroad and we are interested in what the “foreigner” is offering us, the more we are interested in the subject or the person who proposes it to us the more we understand the language.


Adelante à Let´s go in Spanish.

ELA, esclerosis lateral amiotrófica = ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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