Chapter 3. Grateful for my business tribute. A hug and thanks for everyone.

Hello everyone, I would like to thank you all on behalf of myself and my wife who have made possible the most emotional tribute of my life. I thank so much for those who came from the nearest neighborhood from Badajoz as those who have traveled from Euskadi, Valladolid, Madrid and numerous towns in Extremadura.

Above all, I appreciate the iniciative of Antonio Macedo, the President of CECAP Extremadura for his dedication and solidarity with me, also for his words and details  that they have given me as a collective to which I have belonged for many years and of course Pilar Coslado for the perfect organization and always closeness. For  these reason I  don’t want to forget  all those who took the floor and embraced me verbally and physically in front of all the attendees. I don´t know exactlly how many people were with me but I think that they were over 60 who appeared and ate with me.

My difficulties in food and speech with the emotions became more bearable and I ate enthusiastically and I started to speak in public to thank everyone for their presence and their patients with my difficulties in speaking.

I want to mention  all those who couldn´t accompany us to such a special day making me feel like in a dream full of joy and happyness and who left me their words of encouragement and solidarity in social networks or private messages.

I would like to tell to those people who came me and those who don´t although I have lost some movility and I have trouble talking I am and I will be the same as always, even If I have to repeat the words do not hesitate to approach me whenever you want.

A hug and thanks to all,


Chapter 2. I did not burn in Torrequemada (Translated in spanish: Burned Tower), I only made a Powerpoint.

I didn´t burn in Torrequemada, I only did a Powerpoint and I shared my experience after an incredible piglet.

Thanks to Eduardo and after lunch and drink, I jumped at the opportunity to  speak again in public about my disease and share with my NLP´s friends in a presentation on the last 25th of november 2016.

About one month ago they gave me the definitivie diagnosis and It was time to “put black on white” (to write) shomething as important as the characteristics of the disease that has touched me and the “positive” way in which i´m assuming this and, the most importantly, was to share it with that group of great friends that I really appreciate a lot. This also helped me to make visible to my family everything that I knew up to this moment about my state of health and the spirit with which I was going to face it. An important step to keep going ahead, an important step to keep going #adELAnte.



Adelante = Go on!


Chapter 1: Making a Blog… Someday I will publish it.

I hate to talk about my afflictions but my advisors recommended to me to write and publishing my writings and that´s why I´m thinking about doing a special blog, which will talk about lives of heroes whose lives can improve, can be written about ,experiences and emotions that happen in this period that we have had to live are so unique and  exciting and entertaining, to see If this really relax me.

  <—-ALS exists à There is no doubt about this.

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